New Bits: 2014 Winter Market + 10th Anniversary

Halifax Crafters 2014 Winter Market and 10 Year Birthday Celebration

Halifax Crafters Society 2014 Winter Market and 10th Anniversary

The time to apply for our annual winter market is just around the corner and we thought it was time to update you on new things in store for Halifax Crafters Society.

This December, we’re celebrating our 10 year anniversary of hand craft markets in Halifax! To mark this crafty occasion, our winter show will be a three-day event, opening the evening of Friday December 5th and all day Saturday December 6th and Sunday December 7th. We have some special birthday celebrations in the works so stay tuned for more details.

The call for applications will go out the week of August 25th, so keep your eyes peeled for the announcement.

Meet the Sponsors: Dots & Loops // HelloDaylight


This gallery contains 10 photos.

Dots & Loops and HelloDaylight share a bright yellow heritage building in Lunenburg and their respective owners, Melanie Strong and Stephen Bishop, share a sunny little house in the country. Besides being entrepreneurs in a small Nova Scotian town, Melanie … Continue reading

Meet the Crafters: Caitlyn Rose Jewellery

In the work of Caitlyn Rose Jewellery, you will recognize the dreamy coasts and mountainous curves of Cape Breton Island. Not only does Caitlyn Purcell draw inspiration from this remarkable part of the world, but is hard at work to share this gift with other artists. She is part of an endeavour to create a Nova Scotia Artist Residency Program in Ingonish, Cape Breton. Learn more to support this program and read on to discover our treasure: Caitlyn Rose Jewellery. Catch her this weekend at the Crafter’s Spring Market!

What inspires you to create?
Nature is my biggest inspiration. I love how water interacts with land, and how earth touches air. I like looking at the little beautiful little things that are lying on the ground, and sometimes I like making them into jewellery.
Caitlyn Rose jewelry Halifax Crafters Society 2014 Spring Market Halifax Nova Scotia How do you begin a new project?
My process is a little haphazard. I go through a phase of making rings or earrings or whatever and look around my desk and start putting things together. I’m obsessed with balance so I play with how things hang. I’ve kind of concluded that I like delicate necklaces, earrings and bracelets and that I like big rings. So I keep that in mind before I begin.
Caitlyn in studioCaitlyn Rose jewelry Halifax Crafters Society 2014 Spring Market Halifax Nova ScotiaWhere do you do your work?
In the winter I share a studio in the Immigration Annex at Halifax’s Seaport. It’s a pretty wild space. The halls are very clean and our studio is a big mess. I like that.
In the summer my studio is inside my craft shop Salty Rose’s, which is in Ingonish, Cape Breton. It’s a sweet little space that is opened from July 1st until sometime in the fall. There are big windows that let nice breezes blow through and people can come in and see what I am working on. Sometimes friends visit and sometimes moose do too. I will make you a coffee and talk to you about craft. I think it’s a pretty good time.

What kind of music do you listen to while you work?
We listen to seaside FM until a Christmas song comes on in March, then someone changes it. Today we listened to Fleetwood Mac, but usually it’s some form of radio.
leather Caitlyn Rose Jewellery Halifax Crafters Society 2014 Spring Market Halifax Nova ScotiaA place you love?
I love Cape Breton and I love Italy.

An artwork or artist you love?
My two dear friends Sojourner Truth Parsons and Brad Phillips are my favourite artists.  Their imaginations and talent inspire me to push my mine further.  I feel very lucky to be working with them to establish a Nova Scotia Artist Residency Program in South Harbour, Cape Breton. We are all in love with the Island and want to create a space where other artists can come and make work. The area is close to an oyster-encrusted harbor where full moons rise high and cast dreamy reflections.

Favourite time of the year?
I like the day the season changes.
golden mountain Caitlyn Rose Jewellery Halifax Crafters 2014 Spring Market Halifax Nova ScotiaThree things you need in order to create?
Metal, small hammer, clarity

What’s your favourite way to procrastinate?
I like to look at old family photos and ask my mother questions, or I like to walk around and drink coffees, or I like to go thrift shopping.  But I really wouldn’t consider any of these things procrastinating! I’m pretty good at rationalizing my actions.

Meet the Sponsors: Inkwell Modern Handmade Boutique & Letterpress Studio

Continued support from local, community businesses is like a huge, BEAR hug to all who love the creative, craft and design community!  Inkwell Modern Handmade Boutique & Letterpress Studio continues to inspire and encourage the handspun movement of the Halifax Crafters.  We’ve previously profiled Andrea and her shop, however read on to discover what’s new in the Inkwell world.  Take it away, Andrea!

Inkwell Modern Handmade Boutique & Letterpress Studio is once again delighted to be a sponsor of Halifax Crafters Society Spring Market!  We love supporting the local craft community as both a sponsor and customer.

Inkwell is located at 1658 Market Street (between Sackville and Prince street), in downtown Halifax.  We are a purveyor of modern handmade paper goods and other goodies for your home.  We’re pleased to showcase products of an illustrative nature; all handmade with love, by artists from around the corner and across the world.  We take great pride in highlighting local artists in our store.

andrea rahal Inkwell Modern handmade boutique and letterpress studio michelle doucette 2014

Andrea Rahal, Owner, Curator, Designer, Inkwell Modern Handmade Boutique & Letterpress Studio. Image by Michelle Doucette

Inkwell designs and prints an in-house product line called Inkwell Press. A few that we have produced to date, which have been well received, are the Official East Coaster; Salt Water Cure Print; and Rebuild Halifax Print.  We have some new products in development that we are excited about launching later this Spring!  Recently, local photographer Michelle Doucette spent some time at Inkwell while we were printing. Visit her blog to see some great photos of the shop and the letterpress printing process.

This May, Inkwell will celebrate its third anniversary! During the 3 years we’ve been fortunate to collaborate with local and international artists who share our passion for quality modern handmade products. We love sharing our awesome finds with our wonderful customers.

To our fellow makers and supporters of handmade, have a successful Crafters show and inspirational Spring.  See you soon!

You can find Inkwell online and socially at:
Blog     Twitter     Facebook     Instagram

Thank you for all you do, Andrea, in supporting the Halifax Crafters and local creative energy.  We couldn’t do it without your help!

Meet the Crafters // Fresh Catch Edition: Alana Wilson

We are thrilled to bits in welcoming Alana Wilson to her first Crafter’s Market (as a vendor!). Thankfully, the magnetic energy of the East Coast keeps pulling her and her hand-built pottery back to us. Read on to discover which paths have helped lead her to the Spring Market – one week away!

What do you make?
I make functional ceramic objects for everyday use. In other words, I make pots.
Alana Wilson poppycup Halifax Crafters Society 2014 Spring Market Handmade Halifax Nova ScotiaWhat is your process?
I start by working out pattern pieces in paper and then cut those shapes out of large thin slabs. I never use a wheel and so my cups are never perfectly round and I like that imperfection. I use a low-fire red clay and colourful glazes. The work I am making now uses a lot of flower imagery and geometrical patterns.
Alana Wilson working Halifax Crafters Society 2014 Spring Market
How long have you been a crafter and how did you get started?
I’ve been a crafter my whole life. I started out by sewing my own clothes, which I did all through high school. Eventually I wound up at NSCAD, where I thought I would pursue a degree based in the textiles department, but I took an intro to ceramics class my second semester and that was it – I was hooked.

Why do you do what you do?
I choose to make pottery because I feel like mugs and plates are things that everyone can relate to. I’ve always made things that I’ve wanted to have and use and I want other people to use the things I make as well. I really like to believe that people are using my mugs for their daily cups of coffee. A friend of mine recently got married and she told me that after the small legal ceremony, she drank wine out of one of my cups. That made me really happy.
Alana Wilson plates Halifax Crafters Society 2014 Spring Show Handmade Halifax Nova Scotia
Where can I find your work and where do you work?
Living in Halifax for four years, I always really looked forward to going to Crafter’s to see all the new work and get inspired. As this is the first one that I am participating in, I’m not fully sure what to expect as a vendor. Since graduating from NSCAD I’ve been extremely nomadic, making work when I could in borrowed studio spaces and selling in galleries – Seeds, Swoon and Sturt, in Australia. Right now I’m attempting to put down some roots in Antigonish. My good friend Fenn Martin is generously renting me a corner of his studio space in the beautiful and magical Ohio Valley and this summer I’ll be selling at the Antigonish Farmer’s Market.
Alana Wilson cups flower Halifax Crafters Society 2014 Spring Market Handmade Halifax Nova Scotia
What inspires you to create?
The community I have out here is extremely supportive and inspirational. I am also very inspired by other hand-builder potters such as Bridget Fairbank, Martina Lantin, Jenny Morton, Joan Bruneau, Marc Digeros. I need to spend a lot of time wandering through the woods and a lot of my best ideas come during quiet walks.

Meet the Crafters: Chantal Doak

A long-time supporter and lover of craft and design, this Crafter knows where the heart is!  Not only does Chantal Doak create unique and functional work, but she also contributes to the ‘behind the scene’ engine of The Halifax Crafters Society.  She hits the mark when describing the energy and joy for both vendors and market goers at a Halifax Crafter event.  Each one knowing the true value and beauty of quality handcrafted work.  But don’t just take my word for it – April 5 & 6th – see you there!

What do you make?
I make a variety of things, but am currently creating hand woven repurposed fabric baskets, crocheted rugs and hand dyed wool cowls.
Chantal Doak cowls Halifax Crafters Society 2014 spring show
How long have you been a crafter?
I started participating and helping out with the Halifax crafters in 2008, back when we used to have shows at the North St. Church.

What is your background & how did you get started?
I started out by studying fashion design at George Brown College in Toronto. Before completing the program I decided to switch to Sheridan Institute of advanced learning and technology to pursue textiles. Upon graduating from the Craft and Design program in 2008, I moved to the east coast to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, graduating in 2011.

Chantal Doak at loom Halifax Crafters Society 2014 spring marketWhy do you do the work you do?
Making for me is a way to calm down, relax and unwind from a days work; it gives my hands something to do while my mind has the freedom to wander. I’ve always been drawn to textiles because I find there is something inherently warm and comforting about the tactile and malleable nature of fibres.

When you’re not selling at Crafters markets, where can I find your work?
I primarily sell at the Crafters Markets. Although I did just start an Etsy shop where my baskets and rugs will be available.
Chantal Doak Textiles bag Halifax Crafters Society 2014 spring market
What makes Halifax Crafters different from other shows?
It’s professional and has a great following while still remaining approachable and community oriented. It provides great opportunities for local makers without breaking the bank and you don’t have to be part of a guild to participate. Due to all these perks I feel that the vendors and the crowd come with an uplifting and joyous attitude that makes for a fun and pleasurable weekend.

What are you excited about seeing at the Spring Market?
Some colorful ceramics by Forage Studios, beautiful scents from Osha Mae Soap, the newest quirky creations from Woodland Wool and Alana Wilson from fresh catch! Oh and of course I’ll have to stock up on my sea turtles chocolates from Coco and Honey……

What inspires you to create?
My initial desire to create normally comes from a personal want that I have. For example, if I want a new crocheted rug, then I’ll research how to make it and make one first for me and then if it’s successful, for everyone else.
Chantal Doak Textiles round rug Halifax Crafters Society 2014 spring marketAn artwork or artist you love?
Some of my most influential artists are Kai Chan, Sandra Brownlee, Eva Hesse and Shelia Hicks.
Chantal Doak Textiles Halifax Crafters Society 2014 spring marketThree things you need in order to create?
1. A double Americano with soy cream
2. Daylight
3. Comfortable clothes and slippers.
Chantal Doak Textiles Halifax Crafters Society 2014 spring market

A favorite quote?
“I thus work to achieve an understanding that product and process emerge as the essence of living a life”  – Kai Chan

A book you love?
One hundred years of Solitude, by Gabriel García Márquez.

What’s your favorite way to procrastinate?
Cleaning, doing laundry and day dreaming!